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Purchasing Services

The mission of Purchasing Services is to serve the University community by purchasing the materials and services required to carry out the University's mission of education, research and service. Click here for full Mission Statement.



Click on this link to reach the Goods and Services Procurement Guide, your source for comprehensive ordering information, assembled in an easy to use format. In addition to basic information about ordering requirements, it contains details about required-use contracts, preferred vendor contracts, other available contracts, and much more. eMarket Catalogs are identified by the icon and Diversity Suppliers are identified by the icon .



Purchasing Services welcomes you to the eMarket method of buying goods and services. As a shopper you will be able to shop by just pointing and clicking in catalogs from our contract vendors. As a requestor you will be able to grab carts created by your shoppers and drop the cart into your requisition. Please check out the eMarket page detailing how the eMarket system works!


eMarket has a new look!

Purchasing Services is pleased to inform you that as of March 17, 2014, FSU eMarket has a new Look & Feel. The new Look & Feel offers a streamlined approach to navigating and using eMarket to enhance the user experience and make interacting in eMarket easy. In addition, its functionalities are much more intuitive compared to the current version which implies more efficiency.

A file that contains the “overview” comparison between the current and the new Look & Feel can be accessed HERE (New eMarket User Interface Upgrade-Training Guide). It also contains a quick overview training guide, as a reference.

Should you have questions regarding this improvement, please contact the Purchasing Services Help Desk at (850) 644-6850 or simply create a support case from the FSU Service Center at